A woman´s body changes during pregnancy and after giving birth. It is a change that the woman assumes both when increasing the belly, hips, thighs, as well as when after giving birth the hips are widened, the belly takes months to returns to be similar to what it was (or never again) and the breast are modified to breastfeed the baby.

All this makes that after her maternity many women are obsessed to recover their image and even improve it. Special diets, lots of exercise, special gymnastics, passive gymnastic, cosmetic treatments, etc. Anything goes to achieve the goal. None of this is harmful to health and even some of these initiatives provide clear benefits, such as healthy eating and regular exercise. The problem is that the process is slow and does not always give the desired results.

The term Mommy Makeover, which could be translated as the change of image of the mother, is emerging as a fashion promoted by great international artist who have just been mothers and want to get the perfection of their body after giving birth. In reality it is a set of plastic surgery interventions, -three, whose purpose is to recover the shape and smoothness of the breast, a completely flat abdomen and eliminate excess fat, especially in the thighs and abdomen

Mammoplasty: she sagging breast can be lifted after pregnancy and lactation to regain its original shape or choose directly for a breast augmentation that fills the volume of excess skin, as it leaves less scars than the first option.

Abdominoplasty: its objective is to restore firmness to the abdomen, eliminating skin folds and fat bags, and tightening muscles through a small incision in the pubic bone. It can even be used to remove the scar caused by a cesarean section by changing it for another more aesthetic (smaller and thinner).

Liposuction and lipo-sculpture: with liposuction the fat is extracted, but it does not obtain any effect on the distension of the skin or the muscles. Therefore, is recommended to combine it with an Abdominoplasty in order to sculpt waist and abdomen at convenience. The Mommy Makeover 19.80 offers a radical solution but not without the risks involved in any of the procedures described.

El Mommy Makeover 19.80 ofrece una solución radical pero no exenta de los riesgos que conlleva cualquiera de los procedimientos descritos. (Falta texto en ingles )

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