As the years go by, the groves between the nose and the cheeks (nasogenian grooves) become accentuated, folds appear in the neck and oval of the face loses its definition.

Facial Rejuvenation 19.80 is surgical procedure that seeks to regain the appearance of years, by recovering the natural position of facial volumes displace downward by effect of time.


There are several techniques so the incisions vary as well as the area to be treated. Three fundamental areas are recognized: the frontal region that includes the eyelids in which the wounds will be made in the hair scalp and in the eyelids; the region of the cheeks with incisions in the pre-auricular region that can extend until behind the ear and the cervical region that is treated from the wound to the front of the ear and can require another incision in the fold under the chin. Sometime it may require incisions inside the mouth to treat the cheekbone and / or jaw area. The area to be treated depend on each patient.

The surgery takes between three to seven hours depending on the areas to be treated. It can be done under local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia. Before deciding to have this surgery think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with your plastic surgeon.


Once the surgery is finished, you will find drainage tubes and a compression bandage around your head, these are to prevent the formation of hematomas (blood collections) and will be removed the next day of surgery. The stitches will be removed between the 8th and 15th day after surgery. The postoperative pain of this surgery is minimum.

Take strictly the medications formulated by your surgeon, analgesic and antibiotic (to avoid infection).

The following day you are able to get up and wander, you will be able to shower and wash your hair. Avoid lying down and, when lying down, have your head raised at approximately 30° in order to help the swelling drainage

The first week you may have bruises on your face, these will yellow and by two weeks these will have largely disappeared (patients return to their daily work between days 10 and 15.) it is appropriate to achieve longer duration in the improvements obtained in the use of sunscreen, skin care and the use of non-invasive treatments.


Does a lifting change your expression?
No. This surgery eliminates the excess skin and repositions the facial muscles, but always looking for the patient’s natural expression. It is true that there are famous people (actresses, singers, etc.) who have been left with an artificial expression, but this is, above all, a consequence of the abuse of rejuvenation surgeries, and not of the technique itself.

Can regular smoking influence the outcome?
Yes, tobacco consumption has a special influence on healing and post-surgical recovery, so before undergoing any plastic surgery, but especially those on the face, you should reduce tobacco as much as possible or, better yet, stop smoking.

Is general anesthesia necessary?
In most cases general anesthesia is used, so you will sleep during the operation.

Are the results permanent?
The results are long lasting, for several years you will look younger. However, due to the passage of time, your face will continue to age. Keep in mind that to appreciate the results the patient will have to wait several months. The scars are hidden behind the hair and in the natural folds of the face. Over time they will become inconspicuous.

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