At @cambio19.80 we have latest – generation technology, specially developed for treatments for our patients. Micro-air is a surgical instrument used to reshape the body that facilities the penetration of the cannulas with a back and forth movement within the tissue to extract the fat we want from the body.

But the Micro-air is not like a conventional cannula, this instrument provides a series of advantages that allow us to achieve better results in liposuction interventions and offer the patient greater guarantees. It is designed for ultra-low vibration, comfort, efficiency and precision control.

Unlike ultrasound or laser, Micro-air does not use heat, so there is no risk of skin burns that may occur with other systems used for liposuction:

  • Low risk of bleeding.
  • Decreases skin irregularities.
  • Less edema and inflammation.
  • Fewer skin lesions.
  • Minimal post-operative pain.
  • Stimulation of skin retraction.

With all this, Liposuction treatment today is no longer what it used to be – now patients receive better results with maximum guarantees and safety.

Micro air can be applied all over the body. It helps define the waist, buttocks and muscles such as pectorals, abdominals and obliques.

In the case of fat on the arms, micro air helps retract the skin and they are better defined. It can also be applied to men who present gynecomastia (fat in the breasts), leaving small incisions with excellent results without burning or injuring.


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