Abdominoplasty 19.80 is performed to remove excess skin and fat from the the abdomen, as well as to tighten the muscles of the region, and eventually correct a hernia or eventration.

This type of intervention is especially aimed at men and women who have an accumulation of fat, which does not respond to a hypocaloric diet or physical exercise and is supported by a sagging abdominal skin.

The procedure, which also serves to recover the muscular structural integrity of the abdominal wall, is particularly indicated for women who, after multiple pregnancies have distended abdominal muscles.


Special attention should be paid to those who plan to lose a lot of weight and also, on the contrary, to those women who wish to become pregnant again; in these cases, it is better to postpone the operation. The incision is located in the pubic region, and is prolonged laterally, trying to locate it under the area covered by the bathing suit.

If we combine the abdominoplasty with a lip sculpture of the trunk, we will obtain a much more slender, feminine and juvenile aspect of the whole figure.

The intervention is performed under general anesthesia, and usually requires 1 or 2 days of hospitalization. The patient must continue resting until one week has elapsed.


It helps to recover a flat and young abdomen.

It is important that, although the results of the abdomen surgery last over time, the patient follows a balanced diet and practices regular physical exercise.

Addominosplasty scars, which are strategically place in the pubis so that they can be covered by a panty, become imperceptible throughout the first year.

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