Liposuction and / or Liposculpture

There are accumulations of fat that do not disappear with diet or exercise. Liposculpture is perhaps the most frequent surgical treatment in the world. Many people of any age, sex, race and context have done it several times. It is a procedure that given its good results, with the appropriate safety protocols and expert hands becomes the best option to improve body contour and eliminate excess fat. The regions of the body that can be treated with this method are: abdomen, waist, hips, back, neck, arms thighs.

This technique consists of the extraction of fatty tissue, without resection of the skin by means of fine cannulas that are introduced through very small incisions.

It is essential to make a personal evaluation to give our diagnosis, suggestions and surgical proposal, since depending on these factors is determined the type of technique to use: conventional liposuction, laser or ultrasonic. It should be understood that only by palpating the skin, the tone of the fat, precise location and its participation within the current form, we can have a comprehensive conversation to determine the most appropriate technique. During the evaluation, photos will be taken on several fronts and the areas to be treated will be analyzed together.

The intervention can be performed with local anesthesia and sedation, facilitating in these cases the anesthetic liquid aspiration. General anesthesia may also be used.


In the post-operative period, rest should be kept for 2 to 3 days, and sometimes longer, if the lipo-sculpture is very extensive. The use of compression girdle and/or stockings is indicated in the treated areas for 2 or 3 weeks.

The appearance of hematomas can be treated through the application of specific creams, and it is advisable not to be exposed to the sun in their presence.

The persistence of edema, or swelling is frequent for a few days and is treated through massage and gymnastics.


Should I always be on a diet to avoid gaining weight after liposuction?

No, the fat cells removed by liposuction do not reproduce. Neither is the idea that lip sculpture forces the patient to be on a perpetual diet in order to preserve the figure he has achieved. The result of this surgery is permanent if exercise is practiced, and if a balanced diet is followed. In any case, if the patient gains weight, it is usually produced in a more uniform way, respecting the new forms of the body and without accumulations of fat.

Can liposuction be performed on any part of the body?
As a technique, yes, but the type of cannula to be used varies. Although the technique does not offer the same results in all areas, as it depends on various factors of the patient. For this reason, the advice of the plastic surgeon is fundamental.

Does Liposculpture eliminate cellulite?
No, because they are different processes. For this reason, a treatment prior to surgery is recommended in order to optimize the results.

Is it advisable to undergo liposuction when you are obese?
Liposuction or liposculpture is not a system for losing weight, its main objective is to eliminate the accumulation of fat. In fact, the ideal patient is one who has an adequate Body Mass Index. If the obese person seeks to lose weight quickly, this is not the method. On the other hand, it is if you are looking to remodel your figure to make it more harmonious.

Anyway, an obese patient is advised to make a diet, change his eating behavior and learn healthy nutrition habits before the intervention.


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